Special Needs

Catholic Charities in the Diocese of St. Augustine offers services for people with disabilities, including our renowned Camp I Am Special summer camp.

For information about Disabilities Ministry in the Diocese of St. Augustine, contact Rebecca Aleman at raleman@ccbjax.org or call (904) 230-7447, ext. 400.


Morning Star School – a diocesan K through 12 school for special needs located at 725 Mickler Road in Jacksonville. For more information, visit www.morningstar-jax.org or call (904) 721-2144.

L’Arche Harbor House Rainbow Workshop – an event where members of the L’Arche House in Jacksonville take pride in creating arts and crafts that are available for sale to the public. For more information, contact (904) 721-5992.

Be Not Afraid – a program for parents with an at-risk prenatal diagnosis. For information, contact Tracy Winsor, MPA, at tracy.winsor@benotafraid.net or visit www.benotafraid.net.

Special Needs Training

“Especially Needed” is a training webinar conducted by the Human Life & Dignity Office to assist those caring for people with disabilities. To watch the webinar, click here.

The webinar is presented by Dr. Rebecca Fisher, PsyD, licensed psychologist and member of the Catholic Therapist Network; Jean Barnes, principal, Morning Star School; and May Oliver, director, Human Life & Dignity for the Diocese of St. Augustine